Episode 54

Published on:

17th Jan 2023

Claudio Gambin | From Surviving to Thriving

On today's episode of the Passive Wealth Principles podcast, Jake chats with Claudio Gambin, president and financial advisor for the Gambin Financial Group. Following his graduation from the University of Central Florida, he started as an intern in the financial services business and quickly fell in love with the work. He became a full-time Financial Advisor in 2010 and founded Gambin Financial Group. Claudio’s passion lies in working with business owners and he specializes in helping those clients in the areas of risk management, cumulative tax planning, estate distribution strategies and  business transfer planning. Outside of work, Claudio’s number one priority is spending time with his wife Melissa and two daughters, Coco and Senna.

During the episode, Claudio describes his early life as the son of immigrant parents moving to America from Brazil when he was just six years old, and the challenges and opportunities it offered.

He discusses one of the greatest challenges he and his family faced, when in 2016, his wife was pregnant with their daughter. and was then diagnosed with terminal cancer - a diagnosis she was able to overcome.

Claudio explains the difficulties of working with the client on a very specific strategic advice and then charging for that advice without them having to buy a product or invest money, and why that inspired him to shift to an advice model.

He also reveals three things that separate thrivers from survivors, using the example of the 2008 economic crash as a guide.

Join Jake and Claudio for this fascinating discussion.


What You Will Learn in this Show:

  • Claudio's background growing up in central Florida and the path that led him through many incredible challenges to the world of entrepreneurship
  • The disparity that exists between the priorities of a business owner and the priorities of a financial advisor.
  • How the arrival of his first child expanded his perspective from trying to solve his own poverty problem, to trying to solve it for his family and his grandkids.
  • Why building your balance sheet is about more than just skipping the coffee at Starbucks - it's about partnering with the right people.
  • And so much more...


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