Episode 79

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14th Jul 2023

What I Learned (Jordy Clark)

In this episode of Passive Wealth Principles (What I Learned,) Jake reflects on his insightful conversation with Jordy Clark. Discover Jordy's unique journey into the world of real estate and his transition from being a real estate agent to becoming a successful investor. Gain valuable insights into real estate investing, building a successful business, and achieving financial independence

Key Takeaways from the Episode:

  1. Understanding Business and Building Relationships:
  • Jordy shares his experience of building a real estate team and the challenges of generating substantial income.
  • Recognizing the importance of understanding the business aspect of real estate and creating valuable relationships.
  • Leveraging his construction skills and previous experience to establish connections with home builders.
  1. The Power of Budgeting and Assigning Responsibility to Every Dollar:
  • Jordy emphasizes the significance of living within one's means and assigning a purpose to every dollar.
  • Learning how to track and measure the performance of invested dollars.
  • Building a strong foundation for financial growth through strategic budgeting and investment planning.
  1. Transitioning from Active Income to Passive Income:
  • Jordy's journey from transacting real estate to becoming an investor.
  • Understanding the concept of lifestyle creep and the importance of managing expenses.
  • Leveraging profits from house flipping to invest in rental properties and establish passive income streams.
  1. The Role of Vision and Unconventional Approaches:
  • Exploring the profound concept of having a vision for the future.
  • Embracing unconventional approaches and seeking unique solutions to challenges.
  • Understanding the value of surrounding oneself with individuals who instill vision and hope.

What You’ll Learn in this Show:

  • The importance of understanding the business aspect of real estate.
  • Strategies for living within your means and assigning responsibility to every dollar.
  • Transitioning from active income to passive income through strategic investments.
  • The power of vision and unconventional approaches in achieving financial success.

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Tune in to this enlightening episode of Passive Wealth Principles: What I Learned to gain valuable insights from Jordy Clark's journey towards building passive wealth. Discover the importance of understanding business, budgeting effectively, and transitioning from active income to passive income streams. Embrace the power of vision and unconventional approaches in your own pursuit of financial freedom and success.

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Through my nearly 20 year career as a professional investor, I have built an amazing network of people and come across some super-savvy investors that not only have a unique stance on the marketplace but look at the same problems we all face and many times have come up with a simple but unconventional approach to solving them.

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