Episode 34

Published on:

11th Oct 2022

Jim Dew | Getting You The Most Out Of Your Wealth

Jim Dew is the CEO and Founder of Dew Wealth Management, an advisory firm dedicated to simplifying the complex nature of an entrepreneur’s entire financial health system.

Jim has twenty-seven years of experience building virtual family offices for entrepreneurs. He is a Certified Financial Planner, Chartered Financial Consultant, and a Certified Private Wealth Advisor.

Passionate about helping others, Jim is also active in the community and has raised over $900,000 for the children’s charities in Arizona. 

In today's episode of the Passive Wealth principles podcast, Jake Harris will have an insightful conversation with Jim about his incredible journey from being a math teacher to becoming a financial advisor to some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world.

You will find out a little bit about Jim’s background and personal story.

He will share how he met his wife, Mimi, and how she helped him become who he is today.

You will learn more about what a virtual family office is and how it works.

Jim will share more about what he does to help his clients and how is his process structured. 

He will also talk about the biggest challenges he had to face with his business, the importance of being on the same side of the table with your client, a significant investment that has given him more freedom, the three keys to real happiness and much more.

Listen now and enjoy!

What You’ll Learn in this Show: 

  • What is a virtual family office and how it works
  • What does Jim do for his clients and how is his process structured?
  • The importance of being on the same side of the table with your client
  • The three keys to real happiness
  • And so much more...




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Jim’s Book:

Beyond a Million: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Expanding Wealth, Freedom and Time

Other Books:

The Road Less Stupid 

Who Not How: The Formula to Achieve Bigger Goals Through Accelerating Teamwork

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You are listening to the Passive Wealth Principles Podcast. Your host; Jake Harris is the founder of an award-winning real estate investment firm and actively investing in commercial real estate all over the country. This show allows you to tune into interviews, dive deeper and deconstruction many passive wealth principles not just from investing but tactics, strategies, and many fascinating ways in which people have achieved levels of passive wealth.

Through my nearly 20 year career as a professional investor, I have built an amazing network of people and come across some super-savvy investors that not only have a unique stance on the marketplace but look at the same problems we all face and many times have come up with a simple but unconventional approach to solving them.

So come be a fly on the wall. Enjoy the conversations and these amazing passive wealth principle lessons.

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A sought-after expert and gifted story teller with contagious energy, he inspires everyone around him with encyclopedic research. He can take complicated ideas and convey them simply and clearly for everyone to understand. As a founder and managing partner of an award-winning commercial real estate firm, he has authored a #1 bestselling book (CatchingKnives). He has been featured in many publications including The NY Times & Yahoo Finance, he is a frequent speaker, podcast guest, and a highly valued coach. He uses those superpowers to pioneer cutting-edge bold design into an exciting hotel, infill, and adaptive reuse projects across the country. To date has purchased and sold1200+ properties in23 states and amassed a commercial real estate portfolio of iconic properties. He earned a master's degree in International Real Estate, sits on the FIU real estate board, is an accreditedCongress of New Urbanism city builder, a member of CCIM, Urban Land Institute (ULI) and holds a CA real estate brokers license.